Tile Backer Board


This Video details the various accessories of JA74LV Shower Pan, as well as the installatn method floor.


System components


  • 1.Drain Body (ABS and PVC)
  • 2.Dip-tube
  • 3.O-Ring
  • 4.Connection
  • 5.JA74LV Shower Pan
  • 6.Height Adjustment Shim ( thickness 0.06''(1.5mm ))
  • 7A. Screw For Connection ( M6*29mm )
  • 7B. Short Screw For Height Adjustment Shim( M5*11.5mm)
  • 7C.Long Screw For Height Adjustment Shim( M5*15.5mm)
  • 7D.Self-tapping Screw ( M3.5*20mm)
  • 8.Plastic support 23.6''(600mm) / 31.5''(800mm) length
  • 9A.Stainless Steel Support 23.6''(600mm) / 31.5''(800mm) length
  • 9B.Stainless Steel Grate  23.6''(600mm) / 31.5''(800mm) length


Product Details

JIT panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized.

Shower Drain Grate Size inch Model
23.6''(600mm) Shortside 36"x48"x2 " SP74LVS36486
36"x60"x2 3/8" SP74LVS36606
36"x72"x2 3/8" SP74LVS36726
31.5''(800mm) Shortside 48"x48"x2" SP74LVS48488
48"x60"x2 3/8" SP74LVS48608
48"x72"x2 3/8" SP74LVS48728
31.5''(800mm) Longside 36"x60"x2" SP74LVL36608
48"x60"x2" SP74LVL48608



• More economical waterproof system
• 100% waterproof shower pan system
• Acoustically better than screed
• Easy access, floor level
• Pre-laid to falls
• Available with offset or central drain
• Lightweight
• Can be finished with tiles or sheet systems
• Hygenic as no moisture builds up under the tiles
• Can be easily cut to fit on site
• Preformed ( no skilled laying of falls )
• Can be fixed to timber or concrete floors


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