Tile Backer Board


The video describes how to install tile backer board in various places.


System components


  • 1.Polymer Mortar Layer
  • 2.Extruded Hard foam
  • 3.Polymer Mortar Layer
  • 4.Alkali Mesh

Product Details

JIT panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized.

Size inch Size mm Model  
36''x60''x1/4'' 914x1524x6.5 TB366014  
36''x60''x1/2'' 914x1524x12.5 TB366012  
36''x60''x5/8'' 914x1524x16 TB366058  
36''x60''x1'' 914x1524x25 TB36601  
24''x96''x3/4'' 600x2440x20 TB2446020  
24''x96''x1 1/4'' 600x2440x30 TB2446030  
24''x96''x1 1/2'' 600x2440x40 TB2446040  
24''x96''x2'' 600x2440x50 TB2446050  
48''x96''x1/2'' 1220x2440x12.5 TB489612  




                                                                                         Concrete Wall

                                                                                       Stud Wall

                                                                                               Concrete Floor

                                                                                          Wooden Floor

                                                                                      Underfloor Heating


• Completely waterproof
• Efficient insulation
• Suitable solid wall and keel wall Lightweight to handle
• Easy to cut with a utility knife
• As an ideal substrate for tiles and plaster
• Holds tiles up to 62kg / ㎡
• It can be subject to 30 tons / square compression